Men, Fireworks and Alcohol

Men can't resist a 'big boom.'

by Eric Holdeman / July 5, 2019

I always tell women to warn their men that fireworks, testosterone and alcohol don't mix well together. While this will be published after the current 4th of July, maybe it can do some good for post-4th celebrations or put it in the library for another occasion.

Check out Men Still Can’t Stop Injuring Themselves on the Fourth of July.

And, as the article notes, those just observing the mayhem can also be injured.

As for men and explosives, the military's Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams are the place where these guys should have ended up. The biggest bang I ever recall is when I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and we cleared the Impact Area (which was normally off limits) of unexploded ammunition, artillery shells, bombs, rockets, etc. They piled all this ammunition all together into one big pile and then set it off. That was one big bang!


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