Not What Emergency Managers Want to Be Known For

Google searches for emergency management turn up everything.

by Eric Holdeman / February 21, 2019

I have a daily Google Search set up to send me links to any news stories/Internet items with "emergency management" in them. That search and a tip from a friend revealed this one: Senior King County Metro employee accused of rape, prostitution of teen girl.

Most of the searches I am sent will have something about counties and and cities approving response plans or the hiring of a new emergency manager, etc. Not the type of thing that is in the link above. I personally know the guys who do the emergency management work for the organization, and expect they were as shocked as everyone else.

Any mention of emergency management in stories like that in the link brings discredit to all of us working in the profession. We all get tarnished a bit, as does government in general. 


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