Seattle: Emergency Management, Business Continuity Professionals Networking Event

This is the fifth annual networking event.

by Eric Holdeman / February 13, 2019

With no charge for attending because of sponsorships from a variety of organizations, why not attend this Feb. 28 event in Seattle? See 2019 Networking Reception for Puget Sound Emergency Managers and Business Continuity Professionals.

We will have a number of the state and local emergency management directors in attendance and giving very brief updates on what is coming up in 2019. Wine, beer and soda (for Eric) along with some finger foods will be available.

Northeastern University is hosting the event in their space in South Lake Union. There are plenty of parking options in the local area and/or park up by the downtown core and take the Seattle SLUT (Google it — now called a "streetcar" formerly a trolley) down to the meeting site. 

Typically we have over 100 people in attendance — why not be one of them.

For those of you in the local area who have been anticipating this event, we delayed it waiting for the viaduct closure and the SR 99 Tunnel to be operational. Take the tunnel to the reception. You will have to backtrack a bit, but it is free for the moment. Tolls are coming eventually!

Note, American Preparedness will once again be giving away one 3-Day Disaster Kit.


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