Should We Fear What Technology Can Deliver?

Which technology to invest in, that is the question.

by Eric Holdeman / August 8, 2019

If you are of the boomer generation, like myself, there are many of us who have been afraid of technology. Trying to get other boomers to buy into social media as an early adopter made my hair fall out. And then, we don't have much discretionary money anyway, so why spend it on technology that is only going to be outdated soon?

I'm not surprised by people's aversion to technology — for many reasons. Thus, some, if not all emergency managers who read this Washington Post article will find comfort in avoiding the subject and investment altogether. See This High-Tech Solution to Disaster Response May Be Too Good to Be True.

I've had several conversations with the One Concern staff over the years. Basically, I like them and while their product is basically "untested" in a large disaster, it can work. Really, artificial intelligence (AI) is based on data. The better your data, the better the analysis of that data will be. Of course, the algorithms do matter too!

The biggest hiccup I saw in the early days of the company was the cost — way, way, way too much for emergency management agencies. Thus, they have gone to the private sector to get the financing to pay for their work — and why not?

Working with the private sector is not some dirty deal. You are not corrupt! Have you ever heard of public-private-partnerships (PPP)? 

Sure, they have some big names associated with their company. That is what I would do if I were them — wouldn't you? What is wrong with that?

Lastly, AI is like science. It changes, and changes a lot. What was true yesterday, is not true to tomorrow. The risks get bigger and then all of sudden, they say they are not so large. That uncertainty and fluidity that comes with technology is a given. As long as the company is striving to have a better product and not some flimflam outfit, I'm OK with it. 

Just, someone else is going to have to pick up the tab. Me, I'm eating at McDonald's and even there the price is going up.

Claire Rubin, Senior Researcher, shared the link above.

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