Social Media Alert — Have a Healthy Skepticisim

The downside of social media today.

by Eric Holdeman / August 29, 2019

Any reader of this blog will know that I was an early adopter and advocate for emergency managers using social media to improve their day-to-day and emergency operations. This is particularly true for the functions of situational awareness and rumor control. I still believe in using social media tools for these purposes. 

But there is a problem now with how the technology has evolved. Unfortunately, media can now be manipulated to look VERY REAL and be presenting video evidence that is not real. See this podcast on the evolution that we are now only beginning to see and what might happen down the road. 

Can Fake News Lead to Real War?

This is the original Politico magazine article that the podcast took its title from, How Fake News Could Lead to Real War.


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