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Son of Project Impact Coming Soon

Project Impact 2 will be launched in 2019.

by Eric Holdeman / December 5, 2018

Project impact 2 will be launched in early 2019, see How to protect US communities from future disasters. 

This is an initiative coming from James Lee Witt and other partners. The linked article has all the details. It certainly won't be an initiative coming from the Trump administration or FEMA. It was the Bush administration that killed the first Project Impact on the day of the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake out here in Washington state, an event seared into my memory.

It is an example of the baby being thrown out with the bathwater. Anything from the previous administration is bad. Consulting companies love this type of thinking. It creates an endless series of ideas, projects and contracts to be worked on. 

Let's hope that the current FEMA does not choose to lampoon this new effort. It is, after all, in their best interests. 

Claire Rubin, Senior Researcher, shared the link above. 


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