Technology and Congress Might be an Oxymoron

It sounds good, but really?

by Eric Holdeman / November 12, 2019

One of the things about Congress, meaning both the House and the Senate, is that seniority rules. With seniority comes age. With age, generally-almost always, there comes a disconnect with modern technology. See this article, Yvette Clarke says Congress does have tech smarts. It just needs to use them. 

While impeachment rules the day, other critical legislation is not being addressed. I'm sure some is being held hostage because of politics and the gamesmanship that seems to rule the day. Meanwhile, other nations are moving rapidly ahead with implementing new technologies, be they in the Information Technology realm or something as simple as solar panels, where we once had worldwide leadership, but have now fallen behind. Electric cars also come to mind. 

Perhaps, eventually we'll make progress. However, it won't be today, tomorrow or next week.

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