Avoiding the Landfill

There is a better solution for getting rid of donated clothing following a disaster.

The traditional disaster story goes something like this.  There is a disaster, people are displaced from their homes, it makes the national news and people from all over start sending donated clothing to the disaster area.  There are piles of cloths and shoes to be sorted through and matched with needy families that may have lost everything.  Eventually, there is still a large pile of stuff left that no one wants.  It ends up being carted off to the landfill for disposal.


Now that story can have a better ending.  There is a new capability that I just heard about and that is the World Wear Project that takes gently used textiles and re-purposes them to other countries and uses.  Last year they recycled 43 million pounds of clothing and shoes.  Everyday they collect 160,000 pounds of material.


I think this is a terrific idea!  Hats off to them and the concept.  I suggest you bookmark their website and use their services should you need to dispose of unwanted donated clothing.