The First Mistake is Not Being Self-Aware

A climate cartoon that sums it all up.

by Eric Holdeman / October 14, 2018

As a nation we have many challenges to be faced. To name a few: debt; entitlements not being funded; income differential; quarterly profit mentality; tribalism; political parties being controlled by the fringe; racism; teacher profession not being valued; aging population; ocean pollution.

Few if any of the above are being addressed by our national political or business leaders. We continue to meander along, directionless, and we expect things to change on their own — they won't!

Then there is my favorite topic that isn't on the list above, but which keeps coming up, almost year round with fires, heat, drought, floods, storms, hurricanes and eventually an earthquake. The Washington Post cartoon captures the current disaster "circle of death and destruction" we feel ourselves in. What the cartoon depicts could be a basin drain or it could be a washing machine. I'm thinking the "spin cycle" is coming up next. Set the dial for "Denial, Delay, Disaster, Drench" and repeat. 

Our leaders act like nothing is going on. The only thing they seem to be aware of is when the next election is and how much is being contributed to their campaign.


Claire Rubin shared the cartoon.