The Never-Ending Midwest Disaster

Floods and now more rain and tornadoes.

by Eric Holdeman / May 21, 2019

Earlier this spring, the central plains and the Midwest were hit by heavy rains and melting snow. This led to widespread flooding, levee breaks with crop and property damages. And then, the rains continued. As one Missouri county emergency manager stated, he has homes that had been continually flooded for over two months, because of repeated flood events and failed flood control infrastructures.  

Now in the last 48 hours, there have been over 80 tornadoes touching down beginning in Oklahoma and heading east. It is tornado season, but this outbreak is one of largest in memory. Credit the National Weather Service in predicting this latest swarm of tornado activity. 

About the only safe place in a tornado is in a specifically designed storm cellar/shelter that is underground. When you hear the freight train coming, it is too late, so pay attention to the weather forecast and local warning systems. Here is a local news story about public storm shelters, Muskogee Emergency Management Responds To Concerns Over Storm Shelters.

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