Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Networks and Data Against Cyberattacks

Cyber-tips to keep your organization safe.

by Eric Holdeman / July 31, 2019

This past weekend, I was giving career advice to my oldest grandson, Cameron, who is just starting college in the fall. He thinks that IT might be a good path and I recommended he look at three possible areas. Cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence.

He is thinking that cybersecurity is something he'd like to pursue. I told him that is a good choice if he wants to remain employed throughout his expected work-life of about 40-45 years. Since cybersecurity is here to stay. Our vulnerabilities are immense and there are adversaries looking to exploit our weaknesses. Banking, business, critical infrastructure, government, health care, you name it, we are vulnerable. 

So, here are Three Actions to Take to Safeguard Against Ransomware Attacks. 

Since this is the election campaign season (at least for presidential candidates), I will remind you that when looking at cybervulnerabilities, "It is the people stupid." Your staff are likely the greatest risk to allowing penetration into your networks. Training, testing, training, testing, reminding, harping on the issue. 

I think we need slogan like the World War II, "Loose lips sink ships" to apply to cybersecurity. Something memorable, something that rhymes. The rhyming part will make it "rememberable."




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