Truth Decay

We need to be careful--in what we read, hear and repeat.

by Eric Holdeman / June 30, 2019

It seems to be an issue everywhere. There is an assault on truth in all its "one form." There are not variations of truth, truth is truth. Truth and facts are linked. There is a "fact" and there are not alternative "facts." We are not talking about "opinions" since there are so many of them. Opinions are based only on whatever is happening between the ears that somehow makes it out in the spoken or written word. 

It wasn't that long ago that someone might say, "I read..." and what they were telling you had more merit, more validity, since the sources of the written word were less extensive then they are today. Now, you can cite any number of sources that come from "who knows where" that espouse opinion as fact. 

Note that our President never says, "I read that...."  He always says, "Many people are saying...."  Or, "Some people are saying..."  I think that comes from the fact that he doesn't read, news or books on leadership. Fox and Fiends is not an authoritative source for information. Which leads me to say, "I've heard that the moon is made out of green cheese!"

Personally I have become much more leery of news coming out of left field. If it is not the NY Times, Wall Street Journal or Washington Post and the Guardian, which retain an allegiance to journalistic standards of telling both sides of the story and getting "the facts" straight--I'm trying to verify or at a minimum qualify what I repeat in this blog. 

A few facts:

  • Climate change is real
  • NATO and our alliances there have kept us safe for 70 plus years.
  • Dictatorships don't like a free press, actually don't allow them, and attack the press at every opportunity
  • The USA Economy just set a record for continuous months of positive growth (an example of a fact).

Then there is hearsay, "We have "the best economy in our history."

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