Validating Election Results

How to audit an election? Or, more than you ever wanted to know.

by Eric Holdeman / November 5, 2018

I expect all of us (except for political pundits) are ready for the midterm elections to be over on Tuesday. The scary thought is that the 2020 election campaign begins in earnest on Wednesday.

One of the things that conspiracy theorists like to do is cast doubt on the results of elections. A popular one coming from our own president included millions of undocumented immigrants ("invaders" in today's terminology) voted in the 2016 election — which was debunked following the election. 

I've already had a number of articles and one DZTV show dedicated to election security running up to the midterm elections. Here is one final article that will give you more information than any "trusting" citizen will likely want to know about new technologies coming to the fore to help validate election counts. 

See Here's How the Country Could Actually Secure Our Elections If Politicians Actually Cared to Try.

Please note that I try not to be swept up into echo chambers of information that reflect only one viewpoint. I noted that Alternet appears to be a pretty anti-Trump media outlet, but I did not detect any such bias in the article that I linked above. It appears to be pretty up-front and factual, sticking to the technologies versus any one view/political viewpoint.