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Volcano Data Base

Not everyone is interested in this topic, but I am!

by Eric Holdeman / January 26, 2013

I can understand that interest in disasters are sometimes driven by the hazards you have in your backyard.  Flooding is pretty much everywhere, even in Las Vegas!  The Mid-west and West have tornadoes while hurricanes threaten Southern states and the Eastern Seaboard.  Just about everyone has an earthquake threat--it is not just California you know!


If you don't have a volcano "sleeping" near you it might not be that important that there is a new data base on major volcanic eruptions.  However, Alaska, Washington State, Oregon and California all are in the blast zone for future eruptions.  I've got family in the lahar (mud flow) zone from Mt. Rainier that is in Washington State.  Then if you think cataclysmic you need to include the Super Caldera in Yellowstone Park. 


If you are concerned about volcanoes or just curious you can check out this link Unrestricted access to the details of deadly eruptions

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