Washington State Confirms School Seismic Safety Not a Priority

It is not important — until it is important.

by Eric Holdeman / July 3, 2019

Another report confirming what we already knew, If a big earthquake hits, many Washington schools at ‘high risk.’

I can tell you when Washington state and school district administrators and boards will address the seismic safety of schools — right after the next "big" earthquake. Hopefully no children will have to die to motivate people to action, but that is what it might take to spur people to reprioritize what is important. 

This same topic was covered three years ago in July 2016. It is about as strong a headline as one can ask for — and it had little impact.

‘We should be screaming’ with outrage: State does little to protect schoolkids from earthquake, tsunami

Thus, people must die first!



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