When Will We Have a Woman FEMA Administrator?

A "national" administrator, that is!

by Eric Holdeman / August 21, 2019

I have been pleased to see how many women are now working within the field of emergency management. It is a far cry from 1991 when women in the profession were few and women as state and local directors were scarce. 

Today, at least in Washington state, and as we have seen some in prominent positions across the nation, women have come of age within emergency management. There are and have been women serving as Regional Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrators. There was even an "acting" woman administrator a number of years ago.

It is not a quota system and I believe in selecting the best qualified for positions, but the time is coming, perhaps sooner than later, that the quantity and quality of women emergency managers will allow a woman to rise to the top position in the land. 

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