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When Your Home Burns Down — What Do You Do?

The Red Guide to Recovery is your guide to rebuilding your life.

The fires in Colorado that burned up to 1,000 homes are a terrible reminder of how quickly a disaster can impact a community. One minute you are enjoying a sunny day and the next you are fleeing for your lives with the clothes on your back.

If you are in Colorado or any other location where disaster can strike, this book, The Red Guide to Recovery, is specifically written for people who have lost homes in a disaster.

I previously did one of my Disaster Zone TV interviews with the author, Sean Scott. Many a jurisdiction has purchased these books for their communities. It could be a valuable resource to help guide people through their insurance and rebuilding process. I also did a Disaster Zone podcast, “When Your Home Burns Down,” with Sean.

This is one tool that communities everywhere need in this season of disasters. You can buy them in bulk for your communities and even have them personalized for an individual agency or jurisdiction. Sean can walk you through the process to use grant funds to purchase books in bulk.