Wildland Fire Risks in the Wet West of Western Washington

It is not always raining in western Washington, and that makes for a wildfire risk.

by Eric Holdeman / April 12, 2019

People living on the west side of the Cascade Mountains think that wildfires only happen east of the Cascades. While that can be true for decades, the risks are undeniable. See this wildland fire map of the Western States. Yes, California is there, but so are Oregon and Washington.

My old county of King has 317,000 properties in the Wildland Urban Interface zone. Today a fire won't start — raining and wet, wet, wet. But, come July through September and into October, we can be a tinderbox. 

See my Seattle Times op-ed on the issue from several years ago, Western Washington not immune from wildfire risk

Marcus Deyerin shared the map link above.