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Gaps between resident and staff vaccination rates are common at nursing homes across the state. Both groups were among the earliest eligible for vaccines in Minnesota, as long-term care facilities were particularly hard hit.
He’s helped put together new systems to allow hospitals to send out patients and accept them. He also fields calls from outlying hospitals with urgent transfer challenges.
The Yosemite-Stanislaus Solutions group, composed of entities from environmental and industry interests, has dedicated itself to developing a healthier forest through fuel reduction and reforestation projects.
Senate Bill 322 raises the legal standard to hold trained managers overseeing prescribed fires on the hook for firefighting costs only if they acted recklessly, allowing the fire to burn out of control.

"Eventually, it's a matter of time before something gives," said Jerrad Jeske, the first-year superintendent in the Liberty School District south of Spokane, Wash.
Concerns about the report's proposed warning system, its door-to-door outreach to reach vulnerable New Yorkers in basement dwellings and the timeline laid out in the blueprint could potentially undercut its effectiveness in practice.

Doctors, nurses and hospitals increasingly are seeing patients sickened by climate-related problems, from overheating to smoke inhalation from wildfires and even infectious diseases.

The Meridian, Miss., Public Safety Training Facility this week hosted more than a dozen firefighters, police and emergency management officials from throughout the state for a Fundamentals of Search and Rescue class to learn those skills.

The new plan "is correcting long standing inequities in the current pricing scheme ... Policy holders with lower value homes who have been paying more than they should will no longer bear the cost for property owners with higher value homes who have been paying less than they should."
People with disabilities are also encouraged to include additional items in their emergency kits, like a list of the serial numbers and descriptions of medication, medical devices and supplies for service or support animals.

Thanks to the same emergency mobilization system that allows a city like Spokane to send its firefighters to a wildfire burning halfway across the state, area firefighters were sent north this spring to help meet the surge of demand for the COVID-19 vaccine in rural communities.

One in four COVID-19-related deaths may be attributable to the overcrowding at hospitals that has occurred since the pandemic began, a problem exacerbated by unvaccinated patients and overworked staff.
Three weeks after the remnants of Hurricane Ida ravaged the region, emergency response officials are still dealing with its aftermath. They’re also hoping the unprecedented storm will prompt residents to prepare for the next one.
The mandate takes effect immediately and requires all tenants or contractors to require their onsite employees to be fully vaccinated or to be tested weekly if exempted from getting the shots.
With high reports of flood related incidents, officials said it's important for residents to know the dangers behind driving through flooded areas and what they should do to avoid more accidents.

After Hurricane Ike hit in 2008, pushing a 17-foot storm surge over Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula, causing $30 billion of damage and killing 43 people, there was a collective epiphany.
More than a year after Hurricane Laura, the Lake Charles, La., area has finally been given some hope that federal disaster relief for long-term recovery needs could finally be on the way.
Miami is already experiencing such groundwater flooding. The Atlantic Ocean has risen enough that it routinely pushes subterranean water levels so they breach the land's surface in some neighborhoods there on a daily basis.

"The Sheriff's Office needed a database that would be an all-encompassing system. Currently, we are operating out of multiple systems which means duplicating work and loss of valuable time."

Many employers have encouraged their employees to get vaccinated, offering incentives and even some punitive measures. The number of employers mandating vaccination remains low, but is ticking upward.