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Walking the eBeat: The Smart, Legal Approach to Social Media in Law Enforcement

February 19
Duration: 60 minutes

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Did you know that over 80% of law enforcement professionals are actively using social media? However, many departments are operating without a clear policy on posting content, moderating comments, and retaining records -- a dangerous practice that can open the door to litigation. You can take advantage of this powerful policing tool without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk if you have a plan.

Join Lauri Stevens of LAwS Communication and Anil Chawla of ArchiveSocial for a free webinar sponsored by the Center for Digital Government to learn:

  • Essential components of a social media policy to protect your department and set the tone for users
  • How to plan content and build an audience that truly engages
  • Why records retention is critical to your social media strategy -- especially when moderating content
  • Real legal case studies, and a comparison of archiving solutions for legally protecting your agency


Lauri Stevens, Principal Consultant and Founder, LAwS Communications

Anil Chawla, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ArchiveSocial 


Morgan Wright, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government, National Media Technology Analyst

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