Elon Musk Releases Underground Tunnel Teaser

Musk's newest venture is super "boring."

by News Staff / February 6, 2017
Elon Musk speaks at a TED Conference in 2013. Flickr/TED Conference

When he wanted a new way to make payments, he created PayPal. When he wanted an electric car, he created Tesla. When he wanted to go to space, Space X was his next venture. And when he saw an opportunity for a faster method of transportation, he started developing the Hyperloop. This is Elon Musk.

While he is not the only trailblazer in whatever field he breaks into, this serial entrepreneur has made it clear that he is in consistent pursuit of progress. His newest venture? Boring.

“The Boring Company” is an idea Musk shared at the Hyperloop Pod Competition that would help alleviate heavily trafficked areas through underground tunnels.

Musk posted a picture of his boring machine to his official Twitter account. The picture shows the machine at its first demonstration at SpaceX’s Hyperloop Competition and teased the beginning of what could soon be a network of underground tunnels.

Musk’s tunneling machine is not the first tunneling machine, but he insists that it will speed up the digging process almost tenfold in comparison to current methods.