(TNS) — ALBANY — Cellphone and Internet service in the subway and security cameras on buses are part of a proposed upgrade of the New York City transit system announced Friday by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

“The future is mass transportation,” Cuomo said at New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn.

The changes would include making 30 subways stations brighter with technological upgrades to improve the comfort of travelers and the safety at landings, said Thomas Prendergast, Cuomo’s chairman of the state Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Cuomo didn’t say how the state would pay for this latest proposal. He has already proposed transportation projects including a third rail in Nassau County for the Long Island Rail Road, an overhaul of Penn Station, a rail connection between Long Island and LaGuardia airport, and a study into whether a tunnel could be dug between Long Island and the Bronx, or Westchester County, or to Connecticut to ease motor vehicle traffic flow.

Cuomo presents his 2016-17 budget proposal next week.

Cuomo has said many of the changes would be part of the MTA’s capital program and that some interstate projects could attract federal funding.

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