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AYRO Unveils EV for Delivering Vaccines to Your Front Door

The company's Electric Vaccine Vehicle can drive up to 50 miles and can be recharged on a standard electrical outlet, making it a potentially attractive cost-saving vaccine delivery option.

Covid Mobile Vacination
A photo-graphic showing a mobile Electric Vaccine Vehicle made by AYRO. The vehicles are capable of safely deploying COVID-19 vaccines and testing into communities.
Submitted Photo/ AYRO
As the nation continues its unprecedented vaccine push to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, small electric vehicles may start stepping up to the logistical job at hand. AYRO has introduced the Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV), which is designed to transport tests and vaccines to neighborhood doorsteps. 

The vehicles are small enough so that they can operate with 50 miles of driving range for six to eight hours. They are recharged on a standard 110-volt outlet, eliminating the need for special charging infrastructure. The vehicles are also equipped with an ultralow-temperature freezer, temperature- monitoring devices, Bluetooth-enabled data loggers, on-board sinks and other features.

AYRO is in talks with local, state and federal agencies to arrange possible partnerships, officials have said. No public agency has yet signed on with the company.

Sales of the vehicles are handled by Element Fleet Management Corporation.

“COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution has become a serious logistical challenge and our purpose-built EVs offer a potential solution,” said AYRO CEO Rod Keller in a statement.

The company also produces mobile food delivery vehicles on a similar small electric vehicle platform. The vehicles, both the EVV and the food delivery vehicles, are pitched as direct zero-emission responses to new transportation and delivery needs brought on by the pandemic.

Skip Descant writes about smart cities, the Internet of Things, transportation and other areas. He spent more than 12 years reporting for daily newspapers in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and California. He lives in downtown Sacramento.

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