EPA's Top 10 Technology Needs For Water

Water Online lists the top 10 technology needs facing the water sector.

by Chad vanderVeen / January 6, 2014

The water sector faces a host of complex difficulties. According to the EPA, over 55 percent of the tested waters in the United States are impaired, primarily due to nutrients, sediment, and bacteria. Water infrastructure is also in need of improvement— there are an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year, leading to approximately $2.8 billion in annual lost revenue, according to the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The issues don't end there.

“The United States is facing serious challenges to its water resources, including deteriorating infrastructure, continued population growth and development, impacts of climate change, emerging contaminants, widespread nutrient pollution and strains on water supply,” writes the EPA in its recently released Blueprint for Integrating Technology Innovation into the National Water Program.

The blueprint highlights the EPA Office of Water's plans and goals to address these growing issues. By furthering the development of new technologies and promoting new applications of existing technologies, the EPA believes it will be on the road to solving current water resource challenges. The top 10 technology needs are summarized below.

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