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In a filing with utility regulators, the Minneapolis-based utility company unveiled plans to build 730 fast-charging stations across the state in the next few years. The project would cost an estimated $300 million.
The Pittsburgh-based self-driving car developer has launched the Argo Safety Advisory Council meant to advise on matters of autonomous vehicle safety and build public trust around the rapidly emerging technology.
The city of Cleveland’s Department of Public Utilities is building out the infrastructure needed to support its move to a fully electric fleet. The price tag for the project is expected to be $1.4 million.
Autonomous research vessels produced by Saildrone Inc. will be traversing Lake Superior to study fish populations. The uncrewed, solar-powered boats will be active in the area between Aug. 8 and Sept. 30.
Yellow Alert systems are meant to help police track down suspects involved in fatal hit-and-run crashes through tips from the public. They are similar to the Amber Alerts issued for abducted children.
A pilot project between a regional utility and the Cajon Valley Union School District is turning eight electric school buses into battery storage devices to supplement the electric grid during peak demand periods.
It's rare that an electric bus catches on fire with only 18 reported cases globally, and after one of Connecticut's electric buses burst into flames the NTSB stepped in to investigate.
Some two dozen public EV charging stations will be installed in Hoboken, N.J., at no cost to the city or the drivers using them. Revenue generated from advertising on 55-inch screens will help subsidize the operation.
The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has opened public discussion of a draft policy on the use of electric bicycles in state forests and state parks across Pennsylvania.
Residents in the Southern California city will get to experience an underground stormwater project in an augmented reality experience designed to give them a better understanding of both the project and area.
An increasing number of Uber and Lyft trips in the United States, Canada and other countries are happening in a zero-emission car, as ride-hailing platforms push for electric vehicle adoption.
The Detroit-based automaker on Thursday announced the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Special Service Vehicle, which is a new model of vehicle that will be purpose-built for police department usage.
The Saturday fire came one day after state officials gathered in New Haven to celebrate the success of the Clean Air Act that would restrict diesel vehicles and increase electric cars in the state.
Some 900 subway and rail platforms across the nation remain inaccessible to riders with physical disabilities. Funding provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help to retrofit these old stations.
The purchase of 137 new buses over the next two years will include at least 15 electric models to be used with the agency's proposed Bus Rapid Transit system to improve service between Oakland and Downtown Pittsburgh.