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Discover the best path to delivering services in the cloud, in just minutes. A purposeful digital strategy is important to the overall success of your department and your agency’s ability to deliver exceptional citizen services. Take this assessment to determine where you are in the journey to the cloud and discover the technology tools that are optimized to help you along your way. Assess your current digital strategy as it relates to your:

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Future-proof your IT systems with the Accela platform on the Microsoft Azure cloud

With the Accela govtech platform in use by more than 80% of the top 50 U.S. cities, Accela on Microsoft Azure empowers public sector agencies to modernize processes and operations, while delivering the agility and reliability to stay ahead of evolving citizen needs.

Streamline Operations and Costs

By migrating from an on premises environment, your agency can realize the advantage of SaaS with a portfolio of ready-to-implement solutions. This means lower overhead and constraints on IT thanks to seamless implementation and updates, as well as lower costs with flexible, subscription-based pricing and no upfront capital expenditures.

Strengthen the Security and Control of Your Data

Achieve a global cloud footprint that boosts the reliability and performance of your IT systems while taking advantage of Azure’s strong access control and certifications to help protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Modernize IT to Meet Ever-Evolving Needs

Your agency will gain the agility needed to meet growing demand, while realizing greater security, cost effectiveness, reliability, and scalability with SaaS and cloud solutions.

Deliver Greater Value and Accelerate Processes

Rapidly implement solutions for digitizing processes by migrating to a cloud and SaaS deployment. Your agency will be able to eliminate burdensome manual steps and heavy lifting that bog down IT teams related to maintaining applications.

Enable New Opportunities for Expansion

Be empowered to adopt a government-specific cloud platform with modular civic solutions to enable expansion into new departmental areas and navigate new regulations.

Discover the technology tools that are optimized to help you along your way

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Digital Cities 2019 opening art

Digital Cities 2019: Diving into the Data (Infographic)

Our annual review of the country’s cities leading the way in tech, the Digital Cities Survey tallies best practices underway in cybersecurity, citizen engagement and analytics. Here are this year’s top-level numbers.

Voyage self-driving vehicle

Driverless Cars, Delivery Drones May Ease Traffic Gridlock

A recent event in downtown Miami detailed plans for obliterating traffic, launching flying taxis, rolling out self-driving vehicles, improving public transit and building cities without cars.

beer and alcohol sales

Accela Releases Apps for Business Licensing, Alcohol Control

One of the top retailers of permitting and licensing software for government is gradually releasing turnkey versions of its longstanding, more custom-built line of civic solutions. Two new apps bring that list to seven.


How to Assess and Accelerate Your Digital Services Strategy

Citizens, employees and other stakeholders expect government agencies to provide modern digital services. For many municipalities, cloud solutions are becoming the go-to approach to quickly deliver these new capabilities as well as improve support and citizen experience. But making it all happen requires a robust strategy that includes people, processes and technology.

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