Podcast: Social Media Runs Counter to Police Culture — but Law Enforcement Should Embrace It Anyway

News and views on social media in state and local government in one tidy little package. This episode: an interview with Lauri Stevens, founder of LaWS and the SMILE conference.

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We end the year with a look at the use of social media by law enforcement, joined by Lauri Stevens, a former journalist who has been working with police departments for 25 years.

Stevens is the founder of a consultancy called LaWS Communications and creator of the SMILE conference — focused on Social Media, the Internet and Law Endorsement.

Stevens contends that even though "social media is completely counter to police culture," law enforcement can use it to its advantage for both investigations and community policing. 

She talks about the loss of privacy officers themselves experience in this world of streaming video, and a start-slow approach to doing simple and smart things on social media that produce goodwill at a time when police departments are under unprecidented public scrutiny.

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