Be Ready When Mayhem Strikes - Government Emergency Communications

GovGirl's version of 'Mayhem' represents disaster everywhere -- during this discussion of government emergency communications.

by Kristy Fifelski / July 29, 2013


Super storms, tornadoes and other major emergencies have struck cities across America over the past year. To talk to me about emergency communications, I chatted with Joe Bloom, product manager with our sponsor, GovDelivery, and of course, my rendition of Mayhem (representing disaster everywhere). 

Joe advises that your message won't matter if no one sees it. A disaster is not the time to build your audience. A big problem, he says, is that the tools agencies use to send emergency notifications to citizens may only be used once or twice a year. Cell numbers and emails are going to be out of date - fast. 

While Mayhem advises not doing anything, Joe recommend collecting and engaging subscribers throughout the year and sending emergency messages from the same system you send your day-to-day messages. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!