Create Webpages for Services You Don't Offer!

People sometimes have no idea what agency offers the services they need, and there's no reason not to be helpful.

by / July 10, 2013

My advice is that you create webpages for services that your agency doesn't offer. Yes, you heard that right. 

My experience managing government websites has shown me that oftentimes, people have no idea which agency offers the services they need. Not everyone knows that the county is the place to get a marriage license, or that the regional transportation commission has those bus routes you're looking for.

Of course, people Google. But even so, many times they wind up on a city government website searching for something you just don't do. And there's no reason not to be helpful. Alleviate their frustration by taking a quick peek at your Web analytics to find popular search keywords. You don't offer flu shots, but people keep searching for it? Simply publish a quick webpage letting people know who actually does, then give them a link to the specific page on your neighboring agency's site.    

Sometimes something so simple can be extremely helpful for the citizens looking for it. What simple ways do you make government easier for people to navigate? Make sure and comment on my blog at!

Kristy Dalton Contributing Writer

Kristy Dalton is known as "GovGirl" in the government technology industry. She has been called on as an industry influencer and has a passion for social media, technology and digital strategy. Kristy is the founder & CEO of Government Social Media.

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