Prepare for government web emergency

What can you do with all those old cell phones? Donate them to government programs that go to good causes.

by / September 3, 2011

GovGirl chats with special guest Corey Dalton on how to prepare for an emergency that could bring down a government website. This episode includes advice for government webmasters on hosting, servers, mirrored sites, and the cloud.

This isn't an exhaustive look at the issue, but it's a start. Please comment below and share some of your ideas, challenges or questions related to preparing your web environment for an emergency situation.

Kristy Dalton Contributing Writer

Kristy Dalton is known as "GovGirl" in the government technology industry. She has been called on as an industry influencer and has a passion for social media, technology and digital strategy. Kristy is the founder & CEO of Government Social Media.

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