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Health and Human Services

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Through a project launched during a recent SAS Hackathon, Milwaukee County, Wis., is looking to AI to examine and improve ordinances and policies related to foreclosure that may inadvertently promote racial inequities.
In an effort to reduce deaths at the Cobb County, Ga., jail, Sheriff Craig Owens on Tuesday rolled out a new system of medical monitoring wristbands that track inmates' location and heart rate.
The Denver Medical Examiner has received a federal grant to buy an in-house rapid DNA processor — technology that can produce genetic-test results in a matter of hours, expediting the identification of victims.
Rep. Kelly Armstrong introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at enabling rural health providers to continue operations and treatment of patients by extending telehealth flexibilities implemented during COVID.
The report, released Tuesday by a coalition of labor unions, found 1 in 7 delivery drivers was injured so severely they had to either change their job or take time off following an injury.
The city is seeking to move forward with a new program in the coming months that would retrofit low- and middle-income households with green technology, an initiative officials say will reduce carbon emissions and more.
Officials say that this device allows first responders to quickly scan common venting points of a structure from a safe distance to determine the presence of methane gas, which is colorless and odorless.
The California Department of Public Health recently developed a chatbot to help answer questions and combat misinformation related to COVID-19 vaccinations. What’s more is that the resource was designed with equity in mind.
Four states have committed to partner with Code for America’s recently launched Safety Net Innovation Lab in the first of three cohorts to help transform how such services are delivered to the public.
Hartford HealthCare and its networks have begun using an EMS communication software called Twiage, with an initial rollout at St. Vincent's Medical Center and the remainder of Hartford HealthCare's locations soon.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom will announce plans to allocate $30 million to the Fire Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System (FIRIS) when he unveils California’s revised budget on Friday, May 13.
If the Supreme Court indeed rejects Roe v. Wade as unconstitutional, there is a fear that digital records could be used against any woman who has ever thought about getting an abortion.
Oregon is now offering an app that will let residents show proof of vaccination in a convenient way. The app cost a total of $2.45 million and drew on lessons learned from California and Washington.
A new law in Colorado requires health insurance providers to try to collect demographic data on health providers — including sex- and gender-related info — to connect patients with better care.
Police in Worcester, Mass., would like to purchase drones to help with various tasks, including search and rescue missions. However, the police department hasn't developed a drone policy, raising multiple concerns.