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Purpose-built enterprise cloud software to help propel government operations

Creating More Responsive Government Organizations

Why technology modernization, data analytics and talent management are vital to your future

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How artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are transforming government

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21st Century Government: Big Challenges (and Hidden Opportunities)

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Birst Analytics for K-12 School Districts

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Predictive Technology To Cut Time To Fill Jobs

So many applicants, so little time to make the right decision to identify and hire the best candidates in a timely manner; and avoid the negative impact to achieve business revenue goals.

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The Big Bang: Coupling Talent Science With Technology To Enhance Public Sector Hiring

Technology continues to propel human resources and talent acquisition to a new level of accuracy in hiring.

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When Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Needed To Scale Operations, Infor Was There

Infor CloudSuite Financials

Infor CloudSuite Public Sector

Infor CloudSuite™ Public Sector is a complete suite of applications made for all levels of government—including federal, municipal, education, public safety, transit, and utilities. Infor provides packaging options for back office and industry-specific front office functionality, as well as add-on solutions to address public sector needs.

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