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iPads Make a Difference in Chicago Public Schools

After several months of testing iPads, public schools in Chicago see multiple enhancements in teaching and learning.

by / March 29, 2011
Jessica B. Mulholland

In the photo above, two first-grade students at Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) Burley Elementary help each other with their assignment — to copy a totem pole image from the Web, place it in their iPad app, resize it and write a few sentences about the image. 

Since the iPad has made its way into several CPS campuses, teachers and administrators have seen just how easy it is for students to collaborate using the device. And they've seen other benefits too, as shown in our iPads in the Classroom video and story. 

Photo by Jessica B. Mulholland 



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Jessica Mulholland Former Web Editor/Photographer

Jessica Mulholland served as the Web editor of Government Technology magazine from October 2012 through September 2017. She worked for the Government Technology editorial team for nearly 10 years.

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