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Mitsubishi, Kodak, G-Technology, Konica Minolta

by / January 26, 2005
Projecting Power
The Mitsubishi XD480U XGA ColorView DLP projector offers a brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens and a 2,200:1 contrast ratio. The projector sports two sets of RGB inputs and one S-Video and composite video input, along with a third DVI-D input for connection to signal sources. Monitor output and variable audio output support various applications, including HDTV signals coming from set-top boxes that require high bandwidth, and Digital Content Protection compliance. At 6.5 pounds, the XD480U is designed for portability. The projector also comes with digital horizontal and vertical keystone correction for better image presentations at varying heights.

Form Factory
Kodak's i40 duplex scanner, which scans as many as 50 images per minute, features a 50-page capacity automatic document feeder, multifeed detection, autocrop and deskew, and color dropout for forms processing. The scanner has five output options: color, bitonal, gray scale, simultaneous bitonal and gray scale, and simultaneous bitonal and color. With Kodak's Perfect Page with iThresholding, the scanner automatically adjusts to all document types and conditions. It also features automatic image cropping and straightening for high image accuracy at full scanning speed. The scanner weighs 9 pounds and has a list price of $1,195.

A Drive That Does It All
G-Technology's G-DRIVE external disk storage system is designed for digital audio and video editing, graphic design, image/music archiving, sharing files between systems and high-speed data backup. G-DRIVE is available in 160 GB, 250 GB and 400 GB capacities. G-DRIVE versions include FireWire, USB and a combination of FireWire/USB. All G-DRIVE models feature a 7,200 rpm disk drive with 8 MB cache, compact aluminum enclosure, "fan-less" design featuring cooling technology and silent operation, Kensington security lock compatibility, and Mac OS X and Windows XP compatibility.

Super Faxer
The Konica Minolta FAX3900 includes a USB 1.1 interface and 16 MB standard memory -- allowing for storage of up to 350 fax pages. The 3900 is upgradeable to 48 MB, which is equivalent to 1,024 fax pages. Fax transmissions take as little as 3 seconds per page with the Super G3 Fax 33.6 Kbps modem, and scanning takes 2.5 seconds. Standard graphics device interface printing allows for 16 pages per minute and up to 600 dpi for high-resolution quality.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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