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Aruba Wireless Networks, Novinit, Motion Computing, Lexmark

by / December 3, 2004
Aruba Wireless Networks and Ortronics introduced the Wi-Jack Wi-Fi wall outlet, which features a single radio that provides either 802.11a (54 Mbps) or 802.11 b/g (11 Mbps and 54 Mbps) service. The device is available in two versions: one with an access point, and another with two Ethernet connections and an access point. Each jack connects to a wireless controller, which automatically configures and controls the Wi-Jack. From the controller, administrators can set transmit levels, alter channel assignments, provide security required for WLANs, toggle modes of operation, enforce user access controls and control other attributes of the wireless network.

Tactile Digital Assistant
Novinit's Jackito fingertip touchscreen PDA requires no stylus or handwriting recognition. There is no physical keyboard -- users operate the device using one or two fingers simultaneously on a virtual keyboard. The company offers three LCD types: black and white 240 x 320 pixels with several weeks' battery life; 65,536-color transreflective TFT with a few hours of battery life; and a "white paper" display with a few months' battery life. It weighs 5.2 ounces and measures 5.5 x 3.1 x 0.63 inches, and operates on one AA battery.

Keyboard on the Go
Motion Computing rolled out a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that can be used with the company's M1400 Tablet PC. The keyboard eliminates the need for a separate mouse by providing an integrated roller-ball pointing device, mouse click buttons, and multimedia hot keys and scroll keys. It can be used up to 33 feet away from the tablet PC, features a standard 19 mm key pitch design and fits inside Motion's tablet carrying case.

Connect Printers
The Lexmark N4050e 802.11g wireless print server allows users to easily connect a USB-equipped laser printer, multifunction printer, all-in-one printer, inkjet or dot matrix to a home or corporate network. The server is compatible with Microsoft Windows (98 SE, Me, 2000, XP and Server 2003), Apple Mac OS X (10.2 or later -- Apple Zero Configuration compatible), Red Hat and SuSE Linux, and HP-UX, IBM AIX and Sun Solaris. With Wi-Fi protected access personal security, the N4050e offers a high level of access control and allows the printer to connect to a secure network.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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