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CYA Technologies Inc., Polycom, McAfee Security, Iomega Corp.

by / September 3, 2003
Secure Collaboration
CYA Technologies Inc. released Secure Collaboration Platform, designed for collaboration and information control. The platform connects to enterprise repositories, supports common file formats and audits all end-user activities. Organizations can collaborate on sensitive and valuable content ? such as contracts and product design specifications ? while controlling end-user interaction with the information and protecting against information theft. It also enables compliance with federal mandates for information privacy, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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Audio Conferencing
Polycom introduced SoundStation VTX 1000, a conference phone that provides wideband audio quality via a normal telephone line. The high-fidelity voice conference system also features 7 KHz audio; software to pick up voices equally, regardless of voice volume or distance; and an expanded interface that allows users to easily create ad hoc conferences and download software to add new features and applications.

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Security Policy Management
McAfee Security released ePolicy Orchestrator 3.0, designed to help companies improve update speed, usability and visibility. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator provides scalability of over 250,000 nodes per server to help simplify policy changes. Users can update up to 50,000 systems in one hour or less with verification, view security levels with one-page executive reports, and centrally administer multiple servers from one console. IT managers can quickly deploy malicious code protection for small organizations, and integrate third-party applications ? extending beyond anti-virus ? from a single console.

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Storage Solutions
Iomega Corp. introduced the Iomega NAS P800m and P850m network attached servers, which deliver up to 1.4 TB of storage capacity, giving network administrators enterprise-level features and data security. Designed for the growing storage needs of small and medium-sized organizations, the servers add storage capacity to existing networks and consolidate data from across the network. The NAS 800 series supports data-intensive applications, improves backup and archiving practices, and lowers network support costs.

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Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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