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National Technology Snapshot

A round-up of information technology news and events from each of the 50 states.

by / June 30, 1998

Gov. Fob James and a number of local officials broke ground on Adtran's $150-million expansion in Huntsville. The expansion will create 1,500 new jobs.


Phase one of the Online Alaska School Information System will be completed soon. Department of Education and district pilots are working with an integration team to install computer-based systems and procedures to enable effective student record management at both the local and state levels.


The Department of Economic Security is working with North American Morpho on a welfare benefits enrollment project. Morpho will provide an electronic finger-imaging system to detect applicants who attempt to register for welfare benefits in more than one office.


The Fayetteville Public School District entered into a partnership with Intergraph as part of an effort to bring current GIS and CAD software and hardware into their classrooms. NCRI News


Santa Ana firefighters are replacing manual schedule planning with a TeleStaff system which sets schedules through an automated phone system or via computer.


Colorado Springs is using an intelligent transportation system to detect accidents, provide drivers with information and alternate routes, and reduce the amount of accidents on interstate roads. Government Microcomputer Letter


The Department of Transportation is installing a SonetLynx fiber-optic multiplexer from Intelect Network Technologies to support the state's new digital-highway advisory radio service. The intelligent transportation system will speed driver updates as traffic and road conditions change.


Kent County can now be found on the Internet.


Sarasota County is working with Hart Information Services on an imaging system for the Clerk of Circuit Courts' Recording Division. The new system incorporates intranet-based information and image retrieval.


The Department of Transportation contracted with SAIC for the development of a systems facilities subsystem plan -- the first of five subsystems recommended in a GDOT Transportation Information System plan.


The Office of Planning is now using GIS in land-use planning throughout the state. ESRI ARC News


The Human Services Department contracted with Siemens Business Communications for a Women, Infants and Children smart-card technology field study and pilot.


The Chicago Department of Planning and Development is working with The Sanborn Map Company to digitize approximately 630,000 tax parcels within the city. The digitized tax parcels will be registered to Chicago's existing planimetric maps and will allow city planners to link existing databases to graphic features using GIS.


Gov. Frank O'Bannon signed SB 150 into law. The bill will provide a cost-recovery mechanism for wireless carriers and public-safety agencies for the implementation and operation of wireless E911 in the state.


The state Telecommunications and Technology Commission contracted with Windsor Technologies for the development of software programs to enable air construction permit and air operating permit applicants to prepare and submit applications via personal computer.


Olathe and Wichita are working with PlanGraphics for GIS planning and implementation assistance.


When two feet of snow fell on McCreary County and disrupted phone service, Deputy Judge-Executive Bruce Murphy saved the day with e-mail. Murphy contacted the Governor's Office to get a declaration of emergency, allowing the county to get the assistance it needed. NLC News


The Louisiana Patients Compensation Fund Oversight Board, an agency in the Office of the Governor, launched its new Web site.


The Department of Revenue will be implementing multiple Internet Webfiling applications to allow paperless electronic transaction options via the Internet.


Members of the American Association for Geodetic Surveying are helping Montgomery County high-school students collect, understand and use GPS data.


The Western Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council is equipping officers with Cerulean Technology's PacketCluster Patrol wireless mobile law-enforcement solution, giving quick access to local, state and national law-enforcement databases in the field.


The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities announced completion of Internet installation by The Prometheus Group. The city now operates as an Internet service provider for the 9,500 residents of Coldwater and the 35,000 customers of the local telephone service.


Several government agencies are implementing International Public Access Technologies' AccessNet interactive Internet solutions. The system provides 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week alternatives for accessing information and conducting business electronically.


Gov. Kirk Fordice announced that the Governor's Office home page has been updated and is another helpful source to keep residents in touch with their state government.


The state hosted "Power Up 98," a statewide assistive-technology exposition and conference. The conference featured a keynote by Ted Kennedy Jr. and Microsoft's Gary Moulton..


The Department of Public Health and Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division contracted with TRW for a broad range of systems- and facilities-management services to support an online, integrated management information system.


The Division of Emergency Management is using Plan Ahead software from Cliffside Software to help local hazardous-materials spill response teams and county emergency managers develop emergency and contingency-plan exercises.


The Human Services Department contracted with Siemens Business Communications for a Women, Infants and Children smart-card technology field study and pilot.

New Hampshire

The state launched an automatic job-matching system that matches applicants with employer job orders using skills, job requirements and other related criteria.

New Jersey

Gov. Christine Whitman emphasized New Jersey's commitment to high-tech companies during a visit to Sensar, a company that's developed biometric identification technology using the patterns of the eye's iris.

New Mexico

Education World and Cisco Systems named the Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary School in Albuquerque as the winner of the first "Cool School of the Year" award. The school will receive over $10,000 worth of Cisco networking equipment to further its work on the Internet.

New York

Orange County is working with Printrak International to provide a computer-aided dispatch system to serve police, fire and emergency medical services.

North Carolina

The state completed installation of the first phase of a statewide public-safety mobile data network.

North Dakota

The state awarded Federal Engineering a contract to assist in the design, specification and procurement of a statewide mobile data communications network.


The State Library and four regional libraries are establishing an Internet-accessible catalog with the help of Autographics.


Edmond Memorial High School was named a runner-up in the "Cool School of the Year" awards, sponsored by Education World. The school was recognized for its accomplishments in implementing the Internet in its classrooms.


The Department of Human Resources is working with CMA Consulting on the development and implementation of an automated data-processing system for the state's Women, Infants and Children program.


SMAC Data Systems will provide computers and support services to over 1,100 public schools and libraries through the Pennsylvania Purchasing Program for Microcomputers contract award, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Rhode Island

Somerset Town Administrator John A. McAuliffe plans to introduce an article to pay for a new computer system that could link all town offices. McAuliffe said, "The technology allows us to serve the town better."

South Carolina

The Laurens Police Department is using a LaserFiche document management system to store auto accident reports, reports of miscellaneous incidents and arrest records.

South Dakota

The state is using a new robust SmartSwitch communication infrastructure, allowing legislators, state employees and citizens to seamlessly interact with each other via the Internet.


State officials signed an agreement to begin offering the PrePass weigh-station bypass service. PrePass enables trucks to be weighed at highway speeds and have their state-required credentials checked electronically without stopping at weigh stations and inspection facilities.


The state expanded its welfare-to-work project with Lockheed Martin IMS to include four new contracts to provide job-training and placement services to about 20,000 people in the Houston-Galveston area and a 12-county region in South Texas.


Salt Lake County is working with Hansen Information Technologies to provide a permit and business-licensing system. The county's previous in-house software for issuing permits was
limited to only the Building Department, lacked documentation and was supported by one person.


When Addison County installed a new 911 phone system, more specific addresses were needed for residents with rural route and post office box numbers. Towns used GPS to code the new addresses to make them easier for emergency crews to find. For example, 1400 North Bingham St., Cornwall, means that the house is 1.4 miles from Route 74. The new addresses caused some temporary difficulties with postal delivery.


The city of Richmond is working with Michael Baker Corp. to develop and implement a comprehensive citywide GIS. The GIS will put information into an easily accessible electronic form that can be shared by different city departments.


The Division of Emergency Management is using Plan Ahead software from Cliffside Software to help develop emergency
and contingency-plan exercises for hazardous-materials spill response teams and county emergency managers

West Virginia

Gov. Cecil Underwood announced 17 Technology Literacy Challenge Fund awards, totaling $2.7 million. The grants will help ensure students -- in districts with the greatest need for technology -- receive the tools to improve learning opportunities.


State agency jobs and services will be more available to people with disabilities under new standards designed to improve access to technology, according to state Administration Secretary Mark D. Bugher. Among other things, the standards specify improved access to agency Web sites.


Natrona County licensed SCT Government Systems' Banner Courts and Records Indexing systems. The systems will replace the county's in-house designed systems and will address their year-2000 compliance challenges.

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