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National Technology Snapshot

A 50-state roundup of information technology news and events.

by / May 31, 1997
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Gov. Tony Knowles and the Board of Directors of the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation awarded $10,000 to each Alaska public school to wire its classrooms for Internet access.

New Water Specialties meter heads are being used by the Phoenix water department to achieve financial savings of 15 to 20 percent.

Greenbrier High School is offering a GIS Service Institute program. The program is staffed by high school students tasked with applying spatial applications to real-life situations. Intergraph's Global Link.

A state Emergency Management and Response team called in California CAD Solutions to rapidly mosaic low-altitude aerial photography and map the flooding caused by severe winter storms in Northern California.

Colorado Springs unveiled its new electronic outreach system to provide citizens greater access to municipal government and utilities information and services through a Web page and electronic kiosks.

This summer, more than 600 police cars in the Greater Hartford region will be outfitted with laptop computers, equipped with high-speed wireless modems.

The Delaware Network for Education and Assistive Technology is giving awards for the purchase of technology that will enable students with disabilities to participate in Internet-based learning activities.

The Florida Department of Revenue approved a one-year extension of Lockheed Martin IMS's contract to track down deadbeat parents and collect overdue child support payments.

The Foundation for Excellence in Public Education in Clarke County awarded a $1,000 grant to the Timothy Elementary School Technology Committee to help establish a computerized mini-publishing lab.

Hawaii received $1.3 million in federal money for its "Goals 2000" education program, which includes a nine-point plan to improve schools using technology. Maui News.

Caldwell Alternative High School's Women in Technology program is teaching female students about technological careers through experience with technology and contact with career mentors through e-mail. Nampa Idaho Press-Tribune.

The Illinois Development Finance Authority has formed a partnership with the Illinois Coalition to establish a "Technology Development Bridge" fund that will provide "seed-stage" equity financing to high-tech startup companies, helping them grow and create jobs. Access Reports.

A federal district court ruled that the Marion County Circuit Court did not violate equal protection, federal or state antitrust laws, or the state open records law when it contracted out dissemination of its electronic public records database to Ameritech.

Iowa House leaders advocated starting a multi-year technology program for community colleges, but are facing resistance from lawmakers whose districts include private colleges. Iowa Gazette Des Moines Bureau.

The Reno County Commission approved a $20,000 bid from Hutchinson's Connecting Point to provide a new computer system for the County Clerk's Office. The Hutchinson News.

Students at Pendleton County High School built a Web page to keep citizens up to date on flooding problems in their area. Covington Kentucky Post.

Louisiana State University received grants from Eagle Point Software to purchase LANDCADD and civil engineering software.

Librarians in Maine public schools are setting up sites on the Internet containing search strategies and links to useful information to keep students from getting lost in cyberspace. Portland Press Herald.

Maryland employers are being offered new software from Lockheed Martin IMS and Bottomline Technologies Inc. that enables them to electronically transmit child support payments withheld from their employees' paychecks.

The Massachusetts Lottery awarded a contract to
GTECH to provide equipment needed for operating both online and instant-ticket lottery games.

The city of Troy was the target of an FCC complaint filed by TCI for violating provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. TCI alleges that Troy overstepped its authority by denying construction permits to install fiber-optic facilities. IG Newsletter.

The University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus began charging students and faculty who spend more than 30 hours a month online. Edupage News Service.

Warren Junior High School students are using computers and special software in a new program designed to boost reading skills. Vicksburg Post.

SSM Health Care Systems implemented a 14-node N.E.T. PrimeVideo videoconference network for hospital administrators, training personnel and physicians in different locations.

The Bozeman Police Department approved the purchase of nine laptop computers which will allow officers to access criminal justice networks. Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

The Third District Court in Lincoln gave up its tape recording systems and returned to using human court reporters. Reporters are now using computerized realtime translation that allows them to instantly convert their stenographic notes into text.

State officials declared their membership with Heavy Vehicle Electronic License Plate Inc. (HELP Inc.), a nonprofit partnership of states committed to the development of advanced technology to improve the safe and efficient movement of commercial vehicles.

New Hampshire
The Treasury Department has a new Web site at designed to provide the state government, its agencies, the Legislature and citizens with professional financial management services.

New Jersey
New Jersey parking enforcement officers will wirelessly access online warrant information with a new ticketing system created by Paradigm4 Inc.

New Mexico
Four employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory were fired and 14 disciplined for using the Web to view pornography or to conduct personal business online. Albuquerque Journal.

New York
Onondaga County uses Sapling's NetProphet software to explore ways to save money in the Transportation Department. The software is helping the department accurately cost out activities and quickly estimate the effects of labor and materials changes.

North Carolina
North Carolina State University students and faculty now have access to an electronic archive of full-text journal articles. Edupage News Service.

North Dakota
According to a recent study, Bismarck public schools need to spend more than $7 million on technology to catch up with similar-sized districts. The report also found that the district has a poor student-to-computer ratio and needs improved student access to the Internet. Bismarck Tribune.

The Hamilton County Training and Development Learning Center offers flexible and convenient training to its employees via software and videotapes. The software provides interactive training on business techniques such as effective customer service and managing change at work. Government Microcomputer Letter.

Gov. Frank Keating announced plans for the construction of a "smart bridge" to be connected to a statewide weather system. When icing conditions are developing, warning signals cause a heated fluid to circulate through the bridge deck.

Coos County is designing a new geographic information system. By 1998, citizens will benefit from coordinated databases among government departments, enhanced 911 for the Coos County Sheriff's office, and increased land survey accuracy. Global Link.

The Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities contracted with Datamatix Inc. to install a new Internet-based service that will enable local government agencies to access state master contracts for purchase of a variety of commodities.

Rhode Island
Five undergraduate students at the University of Rhode Island are trying to make searching the Web easier with their HumanSearch site. Students collect queries written in standard English and provide
answers by e-mail within 48 hours.

South Carolina
The University of South Carolina is charging technology fees which will be used to improve student access to the Web, enhance student services, provide network support and ensure that all dorms are equipped with computer hook-ups by 1998. University of South Carolina Gamecock.

South Dakota
A recently enacted law allowing parole hearings to be conducted by teleconference. Documentary evidence may be transmitted via fax or other electronic means.

Shelby County has a project in process involving a comprehensive integrated criminal justice system. Main components of the system are the Jail Management System and the Justice Support System. Court Technology Bulletin.

The Comptroller's Office contracted with PeopleSoft to develop a statewide accounting and property inventory system. The goal is to simplify and improve the statewide accounting and administrative systems.

Interactive Voice Response systems from Periphonics Corp. have been installed to provide automated employment services at the Utah Department of Unemployment Insurance and the Department of Employment Security.

Sen. Doyle proposed S. 170, a bill to provide for a central electronic repository for state rules and decisions, and free public access to such rules and decisions via the Internet.

Arlington County became the first municipal government to use Ameritech's new online service, public, to find public funding in the bond market. Newsbytes.

The Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission approved a $100 million contract between ConnexT and Puget Sound Power & Light Company to provide its customer base with enhanced information and billing systems.

West Virginia
A new West Virginia Lottery Web site can be used to retrieve winning numbers. The system was designed by the state Information Services and Communications Office. West Virginia Gazette.

Government officials discussed the Balanced Budget Downpayment Act, which mandates the electronic disbursement of federal payments by 1999, at the Wisconsin Automated Clearinghouse Association's meeting in Madison. Newsbytes.

Gov. Jim Geringer and several state legislators joined students in four remote Wyoming towns via satellite
to demonstrate the benefits of combining education with technology.


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