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by , / July 1, 2007
Public Awareness
The U.S. Army is sharing videos and photos of soldiers in action around the world, whether it's fighting, guarding the Southwestern border, assisting others during natural disasters, partnering with homeland security first responders or providing humanitarian assistance.

The videos, many of which are produced by Army broadcasters, are on YouTube. Photos taken by Defense Department photographers are available on Flickr. And -- a social-bookmark site that offers links sharing -- contains links to Army sites on subjects ranging from Army sports and the Army campaign plan to installation home pages. -- U.S. Army

Porn Prosecution
In a ground breaking case in Hong Kong, a man has been fined 5,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$ 640) for incorporating a pornographic link in an Internet message.

Woo Tai-wai pleaded guilty to publishing links to eight obscene photographs via a local Internet forum in the first prosecution related to Internet porn sites under Hong Kong's obscene and indecent laws.

Internet Society chairman Charles Mok Nai-kwong said the court case could damage the freedom of information on the Internet. -- South China Morning Post

Parking Power
Privately employed "super" parking attendants wearing head-mounted video cameras went on patrol in Greater Manchester, UK, in May 2007.

The 20 parking attendants were to be the first in the country to have the equipment. The attendants' main role is to issue parking tickets. But under legislation passed in 2006, they also have powers to give on-the-spot fines for antisocial behavior.

The Salford City Council asked the attendants to issue penalties up to
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