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Syracuse, N.Y., Negotiates City Rights over Small Cell Boxes

Syracuse, New York / May 10, 2019

Florida Cities Sue the State over 5G Deployment Rules

Tampa Bay, Florida / May 10, 2019

Syracuse, N.Y., Delays 5G in Hopes of Tightening Regulations

Syracuse, New York / May 7, 2019

Eugene, Ore., Residents Question 5G, Citing Health Concerns

Eugene, Oregon / May 6, 2019

Vote to Come on Harmar, Pa., Small Cell Regulations

Harmar Township, Pennsylvania / May 3, 2019

5G: Technological Milestone or a Health Concern in the Making?

Chicago, Illinois / May 3, 2019

Austin’s 5G Preparations Lag Behind Other Texas, U.S. Cities

Austin, Texas / April 29, 2019

Fairfax, Calif., Council Says More Time Needed to Craft 5G Rules

Fairfax, California / April 26, 2019

Southern California Cities Grapple with 5G Infrastructure

Orange County, California / April 19, 2019

Bag Ban and 5G: Birmingham, Ala., Opposes State Legislation

Birmingham, Alabama / April 18, 2019

Maryland Lawmakers Punt 5G Decision to ‘Summer Study’ Period

Annapolis, Maryland / April 15, 2019

Montana City Moves to Block ‘Unsightly’ 5G Installations

Whitefish, Montana / April 11, 2019

As 5G Devices Begin to Appear in New Orleans, Some Find Fault

New Orleans, LA / March 19, 2019

New Orleans City Council Approves 5G Infrastructure Framework

New Orleans, Louisiana / March 15, 2019

Awaiting State Bills, Maryland City Crafts 5G Ordinance

Taneytown, Maryland / March 8, 2019

Sprint Plans to Expand 5G Service to Three Cities This Spring

Dallas, TX / February 26, 2019

As 5G Towers Go Up in Harlingen, Texas, So Do Local Concerns

Harlingen, TX / February 6, 2019

City Leaders in Frederick, Md., Outline Basic 5G Rules

Frederick, Md. / January 28, 2019

Court Rules in Favor of FCC 5G Regulatory Rollbacks

Washington, D.C. / January 11, 2019