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JP Morgan AI Copywriters Outshine Human Counterparts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / July 31, 2019

Minneapolis Official Pushes PD Facial Recognition Rules

Minneapolis, Minnesota / July 23, 2019

Oakland Joins San Francisco in Banning Facial Recognition

Oakland, California / July 17, 2019

ACLU Sues MassDOT for Facial Surveillance Use Records

Boston, Massachusetts / July 11, 2019

Massachusetts Gov. Not Ready to Regulate Facial Recognition

Boston, Massachussets / June 11, 2019

Can Congress Get Ahead of the Problems Surrounding AI?

Washington D.C. / June 11, 2019

Facial Recognition Scrutinized in Massachusetts Legislature

Boston, Massachusetts / June 10, 2019

Task Force to Study Evolving AI Technology in Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama / June 10, 2019

Facial Recognition Project Included Secret Photo Archive

Colorado Springs, Colorado / May 28, 2019

California Lawmaker Pitches Facial Recognition Ban for Police

Sacramento, California / May 20, 2019

San Francisco’s Facial Recognition Ban Goes Too Far (Opinion)

San Francisco, California / May 16, 2019

San Francisco, Oakland Weigh First Facial Recognition Bans

Oakland, California / May 7, 2019

N.Y. Brownsville Tenants Push Back on Facial Recognition Plan

Brownsville, New York / May 2, 2019

As Governments Adopt Artificial Intelligence, There’s Little Oversight and Lots of Danger

Flint, Michigan / April 18, 2019

Will San Francisco Ban Facial Recognition Technology?

San Francisco, California / April 18, 2019

With Facial Recognition Comes Convenience, But What About Privacy?

Miami, Florida / April 17, 2019

AI in the Smart City: Experts Talk Risks and Rewards

Austin, Texas / April 9, 2019

Is Facial Recognition the Key to Safe, Efficient Airports?

Spokane, Washington / March 20, 2019

Michigan Governor Plans to Upgrade Facial Recognition

Detroit, Michigan / March 12, 2019

SXSW 2019: Can Artificial Intelligence Spot Stressed Cops?

Austin, Texas / March 8, 2019

Behind the Investor Push Against Amazon's Facial Recognition

Seattle, Washington / March 8, 2019

Trump Order Makes Artificial Intelligence Research a Priority

Washington D.C. / February 12, 2019

Massachusetts Considers Bill to Limit Facial Recognition

Boston, Massachusetts / February 11, 2019

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