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artificial+intelligence Stories Mapped by City and State

Discover what state and local governments are utilizing artificial+intelligence.

See the big picture of how government agencies are utilizing artificial+intelligence by exploring our Government Technology editorial database geographically visualized by location and date.

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Meet El Paso’s Chatbot, Ask Laura. She's a Real ‘Game Changer’

El Paso, Texas / December 20, 2017

Pittsburgh Teams Dominating Global AI Competition

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / December 15, 2017

LA County, CSULA Team Up on AI and Other Tech Projects

Los Angeles, California / November 28, 2017

What New Tech Holds the Most Promise for Colorado?

Colorado / October 18, 2017

Rise of the Government Chatbot

Kansas City, MO; North Charleston, S.C.; Los Angeles, CA / August 4, 2017

'Community Connect' Platform Lets Cities Add 'Skills' to Amazon's Alexa

University Park, TX / July 28, 2017

Las Vegas to Pilot WayCare's Accident Prediction Artificial Intelligence Software

Las Vegas, Nevada / July 10, 2017

Mississippi and Utah Double Down on Digital Assistants, Expand Their Skillsets

Jackson, MS; Salt Lake City, UT / July 6, 2017

Will New Jersey Be the First State to Hire a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer?

Trenton, N.J. / May 30, 2017

GSA Hackathon Sought Tangible AI Solutions for Making Government Data Accessible via 'Personal Assistant'

Washington, D.C. / May 23, 2017

Chatbots Will Help Arkansas Reach Constituents on Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo

Little Rock, AR / May 10, 2017

Los Angeles, Microsoft Unveil Chip: New Chatbot Project Centered on Streamlining

Los Angeles, CA / May 3, 2017

Educating Alexa: Feds Look to Make Public Service Info Available Through AI Personal Assistants

Washington, D.C. / April 21, 2017

APPCityLife's AI Chatbot Could Help Computer-Less Immigrants Access City Services

New York City, NY / April 19, 2017

Will Artificial Intelligence Make California's Tax Board Smarter?

Sacramento, CA / February 17, 2017

GovTech Business Watch: Startup Working on AI for Police Body Camera Video, Itron Seeks App Functionality for Smart Meters

Cincinnati, OH; New Orleans, LA / January 27, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Create a More Responsive Government

Raleigh, N.C. / January 12, 2017

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