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As Technology Rapidly Evolves, Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley Prepares for Changes

Bethlehem, PA / December 8, 2017

Indiana to Consider AV Testing Legislation

Indianapolis, IN / December 6, 2017

California Proposes Update to AV Testing Regulations

Sacramento, CA / October 11, 2017

Auto Companies Say Massachusetts Autonomous Car Regulations May Be Too Burdensome

Boston, MA / September 21, 2017

Driverless Shuttles Hit the Streets of Detroit

Detroit, MI / September 19, 2017

Developer of Self-Driving Technology for Semi Trucks Arrives in Tucson

Tuscon, AZ / August 22, 2017

NY's Slow Pace on Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Could Put It at a Disadvantage in Years Ahead

Albany, NY / July 31, 2017

How the Bay Area Took the Wheel of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

San Jose, CA / July 18, 2017

Rhode Island Ready to Enter Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem

Providence, RI / June 12, 2017

Texas Senate Unanimously Approves Bill to Create Self-Driving Vehicle Standards

Austin, TX / April 28, 2017

How Cities and Automakers See California's Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

Sacramento, CA / April 25, 2017

Virginia Lawmakers Take Hands-Off Approach on Autonomous Vehicles to Encourage Innovation

Richmond, VA / April 17, 2017

Semi-Autonomous Trucks to Hit Ohio Turnpike This Spring

Cleveland, OH / April 3, 2017

California's Revised Driverless Vehicle Rules Nix Human Driver Requirement

Sacramento, CA / March 10, 2017

An Autonomous Future is Dawning in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV / January 30, 2017

Houston's Freeways May Soon be a Testing Ground for Autonomous Vehicles

Houston, TX / January 18, 2017

Will Alabama Be the Next State to Regulate Driverless Cars?

Montgomery, AL / January 17, 2017

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