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Toledo, Ohio, Wins $1.8M Grant to Deploy Driverless Bus Downtown

Toledo, OH / October 8, 2018

All Eyes Are on Columbus, Ohio’s Autonomous Shuttle Pilot

Ohio / October 4, 2018

Grand Rapids, Mich., Previews Autonomous Shuttles Ahead of 2019 Pilot

Grand Rapids, Mich. / October 1, 2018

Washington-Oregon Stretch of I-5 Ranks as Prime AV Trucking Zone

Washington; Oregon / September 20, 2018

Autonomous Shuttle Pilot to Begin in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH / September 20, 2018

Autonomous Grocery Delivery Coming Soon to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK / September 14, 2018

Tennessee’s DOT Head Says the AV Revolution Is Imminent

Tennessee / August 29, 2018

Texas City Partners with to Bring Autonomous Shuttles into the Fold

Arlington, TX / August 23, 2018

Federal OK Delays Florida AV Shuttle Launch

Gainesville, FL / August 20, 2018

AV, Remote Driving Tech Find Their Way Into Sacramento, Calif.

Sacramento, Calif. / August 14, 2018

Apple Hiring Prompts Speculation that Company Still Wants to Make Self-Driving Vehicles

Cupertino, Calif. / August 10, 2018

Sacramento, Calif., Welcomes Company to Test Cars with No Passengers, With Backup Operators 100 Miles Away

Sacramento, Calif. / August 2, 2018

Can a Fleet of Driverless Vans Prepare Texans for the Future?

Frisco, TX / July 30, 2018

Ford Settles on Detroit for New AV Operations Base, Creates New Division

Detroit, MI / July 25, 2018

International Partnership Could Drive Autonomous Delivery Trucks Forward

Las Vegas, NV / July 24, 2018

Connecticut Lawmakers Want to Drive AV Policy Discussions

Connecticut / July 18, 2018

Ohio’s Long-Time Safety Testing Facility Wants in On AVs

East Liberty, Ohio / July 18, 2018

FHA Administrator: We Won't Mandate Self-Driving Vehicles

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / June 29, 2018

Brookline, Mass., Joins Coalition of Cities Open to Public AV Testing

Brookline, MA / June 27, 2018

Austin, Texas, Transit Agency Considers Electric, Driverless Shuttles Downtown

Austin, TX / June 26, 2018

Ohio Jockeys for Top Spot in AV Development, Testing

Ohio / June 25, 2018

Arlington, Mass., to Gradually Expand AV Testing Opportunities

Arlington, MA / June 22, 2018

Boston Green-Lights nuTonomy AV Tests Citywide

Boston, MA / June 21, 2018

Driverless Shuttles Debut at University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI / June 5, 2018

Idaho, Where Self-Driving Vehicles Aren't Currently Allowed, Forms Committee to Study Them

Idaho / May 29, 2018

Autonomous Ride-Share Fleet to Hit Las Vegas Streets

Las Vegas, NV / May 3, 2018

Pennsylvania Sets Stage for Increased AV Oversight

Harrisburg, PA / April 19, 2018

Connecticut Launches Autonomous Vehicle Pilot

Conneticut / April 18, 2018

Florida’s AV Law Goes Too Far, Critics Say

Tallahassee, FL / April 2, 2018

Driverless Truck Testing Continues Unhampered in Arizona

Arizona / March 29, 2018

Las Vegas Won't Stop Driverless Shuttle Program after Fatal Accident in Arizona

Las Vegas, NV / March 20, 2018

Minnesota Ramps Up Self-Driving Car Planning

Saint Paul, MN / March 8, 2018

SF City Leaders Want Demos Before No-Driver AVs Hit the Streets

San Francisco, CA / March 8, 2018

Utah Looks Ahead with Expanded AV Legislation

Salt Lake City, UT / March 6, 2018

Robot Cars Get Brunt of Human Rage in California Incidents

San Francisco, CA / March 6, 2018

Ford’s Argo AI Welcomed to Miami for Self-Driving Car Testing

Miami, FL / March 1, 2018

California OKs No-Driver AV Testing

Sacramento, CA / February 27, 2018

Official Wants Driverless-Only Lanes on Busy Texas Highway

Texas / February 20, 2018

California’s Bay Area Prepares for a Driverless Future

San Francisco, Calif. / February 16, 2018