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Seeing Government Uses, Pennsylvania County Vies for Federal Drone Project

Berks County, PA / December 28, 2017

Local Maine Authorities Turn to Drones for Rail Line Safety

Brunswick, Me. / December 5, 2017

Drones Play Critical Role in Ohio Agricultural Research

Springfield, OH / November 15, 2017

California City Proposes Drone Rules After Rash of Incidents

Oceanside, CA / November 3, 2017

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Expands Drone Program

San Diego County, CA / October 30, 2017

Delivery Drones Get Test Run in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV / October 23, 2017

Madison County, Ind., Embraces Drones as Emergency Response Tools

Madison County, Ind. / October 23, 2017

New York Agency Touts Progress Using Drones For Conservation, Emergency Response Work

New York / October 2, 2017

Boston Police Department Buys Drones, but Wants Community OK Before Use

Boston, MA / September 26, 2017

Maryland's Anne Arundel County, Annapolis Will Use Drones to Assess Traffic Patterns and Accidents

Anne Arundel County, MD / September 22, 2017

Using Commercial Drones in Las Vegas to Aid Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue

Las Vegas, NV / August 29, 2017

Public Cites Lack of Trust as Prime Concern with LAPD's Use of Drones

Los Angeles, Calif. / August 24, 2017

Glynn County, Ga., Police Deploy Drones In Search for Suspect

Glynn County, Ga. / August 18, 2017

Regulations Evolve in St. Louis, Mo.-Area Municipalities as Drone Interest Grows

St. Loius, MO / July 12, 2017

Pending Policy in San Francisco Could Launch Drone Programs

San Francisco, CA / May 5, 2017

Instead of Purchasing Drones, El Paso County, Colo., Looks to Private Sector to Implement UAVs

El Paso County, CO / April 24, 2017

Georgia Drone Legislation Expected to Pass Senate Maintains State Control Over UAV Laws

Atlanta, GA / March 23, 2017

Vague Drone Regulations Have Left Residents of Aiken, S.C., Nervous

Aiken, SC / March 21, 2017

Iowa Lawmakers to Further Regulate Drone Use

Des Moines, IA / February 13, 2017

After a Drone Crashed into Seattle's Space Needle, State Lawmakers Discuss New Regulations

Olympia, WA / January 17, 2017

Los Angeles Police Use Drones to Respond to Bomb Threats, Hostage Situations

Los Angeles, CA / January 13, 2017

Henderson, Nev., Drone-Testing Range Breaks Ground

Henderson, NV / January 4, 2017

New Regulations Open Up Opportunities for the Drone Industry in South Carolina

Columbia, SC / January 3, 2017