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Lawsuit Targets San Diego’s Controversial Smart Streetlights

San Diego, California / December 17, 2019

Columbus, Ohio, Asks Residents to Install Smart Vehicle Tech

Columbus, Ohio / December 10, 2019

Edmund, Okla., Votes to Fund Smart Meter Overhaul

Edmond, OK / November 1, 2019

Joplin, Mo., Takes First Step in Developing a Smart City Plan

Joplin, Missouri / October 1, 2019

Kansas Town, Google Partner for Wi-Fi on School Buses

Council Grove, KS / September 24, 2019

Racine, Wis., Announces New Smart City Partnerships

Racine, Wisconsin / September 16, 2019

Winter Haven, Fla., Forms Resident Smart City Commission

Winter Haven, Florida / August 14, 2019

Erie, Pa., Works to Balance Privacy in the Smart City

Erie, PA / July 16, 2019

Union Grove, Wis., to Explore Smart City, 5G Potential

Union Grove, Wisconsin / May 23, 2019

Orlando, Fla., Looks for Consultant to Guide Smart City Plan

Orlando, Florida / May 7, 2019

Racine, Wis., Picked in Smart City Readiness Challenge

Racine, Wisconsin / April 18, 2019

Columbus' Experience Center Branches Out to Include Smart City Tech

Columbus, Ohio / March 26, 2019

A Different Kind of Smart City Project Revs Up in Lima, Ohio

Lima, Ohio / March 12, 2019

Erie, Pa., Wants to Overlay Security Tech into Its Smart City

Erie, Pennsylvania / March 4, 2019

San Diego, USMC Partner on Regional Smart City Initiatives

San Diego, CA / March 1, 2019

Philadelphia Adopts Smart City Road Map

Philadelphia, PA / February 7, 2019

Syracuse’s Smart City Work Gets $500K Infusion from N.Y. State

Syracuse, NY / February 4, 2019

Winter Haven, Fla., Looks to Smart City Opportunities

Winter Haven, Florida / January 29, 2019

Middletown, Ohio, Looks to Smart City Tech for Improvements

Middleton, OH / January 28, 2019

Montgomery, Ala., Begins the Smart City Metamorphosis

Montgomery, Ala. / January 17, 2019

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