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How-to Access Qualified State & Local Technology RFPs & Bids

Build a solid pipeline with qualified technology RFPs and bids and learn how to set-up a proactive daily email alert based on your solution area, territory and vertical.

Learning Objectives

After reading this article, you’ll be able to:

  • Use filters to define your target opportunity search criteria.
  • Save your search for later reference.
  • Turn search results into a proactive email report.
  • Edit an existing email report.

Define Your Opportunity Search Criteria

One of the primary benefits of Navigator is that it will set up a proactive daily email alert based on your solution area, territory and vertical. 

  1. Using Navigator’s header menu locate and click on the opportunities tab.
  2. Locate the search filters on the left-hand side of page.


Starting at the top of the search filter, you are now ready to build and customize your email report.


  1. Select open to filter by open RFPs/bids.
  2. Navigator can filter over a decade of historical IT procurement data. Select closed to look at past RFP activity in your territory, for instance you may want to review past procurements to predict a follow-up refresh cycle.
  3. By selecting awarded you can view additional information such as the awarded vendor and pricing for those contracts where it's been made available by reporting jurisdictions.

To ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity, Navigator recommends that you select all options available to you.

*Note: The developing opportunities option is a benefit of having a Professional license or above and involves our team of researchers manually locating and alerting you to emerging opportunities before a potential formal solicitation.  For instance, we may find them in capital improvement plans, articles, budgets, strategic plans, etc. 


Now select from Navigator's pre-defined IT categories to define where your solution best fits. If you would like help selecting your categories, please contact and a member of our procurement team will be happy to advise you!

Tip: Our procurement analysts personally read and categorize every bid in Navigator.  The categories are intentionally broad and represent either a description of the whole project or a component. The best practice is always to be liberal with your category selections at first and pare down as you receive items that you do not want.


Jurisdiction Filters:
These allow you to set your territory by states, counties, zip codes or a combination of these. The filters are optional. At any time that you are satisfied with your jurisdiction criteria, click the green search button to run your results.

  1. Locate the jurisdiction filter section towards the middle of the search filter bar.
  2. Go to geographic region and click the “+” icon. 
Andrea Kleinbardt

Filter by State

  1. This filter provides results from an entire state.  If you are assigned to specific states, simply select the states that you would like to track.
  2. Once your selection has been made, select close and continue.

Filter by County

  1. This filter provides results by the county where the opportunity is located.
  2. To set territories by county, use the state drop-down box, to select the state of interest.
  3. After selecting the state, begin typing the county to be tracked. There is no limit to the number of counties that can be selected.
  4. Once your selection has been made, select close and continue.

This filter only works for local governments and educational institutions. By selecting this filter, you will be excluding all opportunities from state level agencies and departments.


Filter by Zip Code

  1. This will filter the results by the zip code where the opportunity is located. This system supports 4-digit or 5-digit zip code formats.
  2. Type the zip code to be tracked, and click add.

    You can choose to add in your zip codes in bulk. Simply click the bulk entry button and paste your zip codes into the input box displayed. This system supports zip code data delimited by tab (copied directly from Excel), comma (,) or bar (|).
  3. Once your selection has been made, click close and continue.

Filter by Specific Jurisdiction

  1. This filter will provide results ONLY from the government(s) or educational institution(s) that you have selected.
  2. To define territories by a specific jurisdiction, use the state drop-down box to select the state of interest.
  3. Then use the type drop-down box to select the type of organization of interest. Begin typing the organization(s) of interest in the jurisdiction box. Available options will begin to display after at least three letters have been entered.
  4. Once your selection has been made, click close and continue.

Filter by Levels

  1. Next go to the levels section and click the “+” icon.
  2. You can choose to select one or more markets or jurisdiction types between different levels of government and education coverage (dependent on your Navigator license). 
  3. Once your selection has been made, click close and continue.
Filter by Jurisdiction Size

  1. Locate jurisdiction size and click the “+” icon.
  2. This allows you to set range thresholds based on population, employment and budgetary elements.
  3. Once your selection has been made, click close and continue.

Andrea Kleinbardt

To run the search, click the green search button.
Insider Tip: To initiate new search results, make sure to click the green search button any time that you adjust your search filters.


Save Your Search for Future Reference

Once you have defined your search filters, click the blue save button to open the saved search settings. Here you will be able to title and save your search for future reference.

  1. Click the downward facing arrow below to expand and view your previous saved searches.
  2. Your saved searches are also available to you on the right-hand side of your Navigator homepage.


Turn Search Results into an Email Report

After you prompt Navigator to save your search, you can opt to select the frequency that you would like Navigator to alert you of new opportunity results in accordance with your saved search parameters.

In order to receive opportunities based on your search criteria, make sure that opportunities is ticked. Users also have the option of receiving e-Rate opportunities and market alerts related to their search criteria.

A Navigator alert will only be triggered if a new procurement matches your search criteria or if an existing bid that matches the search criteria has a change.  Existing bids with updates will be noted in red



Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at for assistance. Your state and local sales success is important to us!