Can Gluing Fiber to the Ground Lower the Cost of Broadband? One startup, already conducting several pilot tests, thinks it can. The company is using a substance often used as a hardier form of paint — or sometimes as flooring — to run fiber cables along sidewalks and parking lots instead of digging up the ground to bury them or paying a lease to hang them on utility poles. They think that doing so can make high-speed Internet deployment way cheaper for local government.

Iowa Aims for Mobile Driver's Licenses This Year The state looks to become the first to deploy widespread digital driver's licenses, which really means a new kind of public digital identity management. Several companies are involved in the project, including IBM. How Government is Using IoT as Adaptive Technology for People with Disabilities Artificial intelligence, sensors and other tools are becoming means for the government to provide services to people with disabilities.   MotionLoft Set up Pedestrian-County Cameras in North Carolina The startup, which was already working in the city of Las Vegas' innovation district, is now counting pedestrians in Durham, N.C., as well. MARKET SPOTLIGHT

What Does the Gov Tech Market Looks Like This Year? We've got an infographic breaking out the size of the market, which governments spend the most on technology and more.


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CoProcure: Dedicated to bringing together governments to cooperatively purchase items and services in a more efficient way. (H/T The Commons)

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