Los Angeles Set to Install 1,500 Smart Traffic Controllers Courtesy of McCain Inc., the advanced transportation controllers cabinets set up intersections with the capability to handle more complex software and interactions. For example, it will give the city the ability to do more bicycle signals.

County Sheriff in Washington State Attributes Decline in Preventable Crashes to Telematics Using Verizon Connect, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office began monitoring things like seatbelt use and speed in emergency vehicles a couple years ago. Since then, it has documented a sharp drop in preventable collisions and the litigation that comes along with it.   Kentucky CIO Considers 5G to Connect Rural Residents It's hard to get high-speed Internet to rural residents with conventional means. So the Kentucky CIO is looking at 5G to hook them up instead.   New Hardware Launches Here's a roundup of some of the new hardware that's hit the market recently. MARKET SPOTLIGHT

New Tech in the Counties How much are county governments working with emerging technology? We've got that and a lot more from the 2018 Digital Counties survey in an infographic here.


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What One Company Learned After 200 Interviews about Local Government Procurement (ELGL) (H/T Urban.Us)   Rugged, Portable AWS Server to Support Aerial Imagery During Disaster Response (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)   Breaking Down the Environmental Benefits of Electric Buses Vs. Natural Gas and Diesel (Union of Concerned Scientists)   GovTechBiz is our weekly newsletter covering the companies, deals and trends in the business of gov tech. Got a news tip? Other feedback? We're listening. Send it to GovTechBiz Writer Ben Miller at