How Many Government Websites Lack Encryption? It's hard to nail down an exact number, but there are reasons to think the answer is "most of them." And this summer, the most popular Internet browser is going to start warning people more prominently that those websites are "not secure." Does it matter? Accela Launches Out-of-the-Box Products for Regulating Marijuana and Short-Term Rentals These are two emerging regulatory spaces Accela has been increasingly pushing into.   Google Launches Service to Help 911 Centers Locate Callers' Phones ...And the GovTech 100 startup RapidSOS is helping them out on the project. But that's not all — Google is looking for more partners to help them roll out the service nationwide.   Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Unlocks a Flood of Tech Ideas Bloomberg Philanthropies has picked 35 cities to run pilot projects in. Government Technology is running down the tech-focused ideas in a series of articles. Here are parts one and two.
Smart Cities Council Awards Grants to Five Governments The grants, which involve in-kind services but not monetary support, will go mostly to state and local governments in the south. The projects will involve fiber installation, smart streetlights, cybersecurity and more. GovTech company on our radar this week:

My90: Community engagement technology for law enforcement, including chatbots, surveys, CAD integration and "credit scores."   Run a GovTech company? Get on our radar here.


New York University is Studying How to Improve Housing Inspections (NYU)   How to Design for Equity (Carrie Bishop/San Francisco/Medium)   Complaints are Pouring in About a Big New Digital Veterans' Healthcare System (Politico) GovTechBiz is our weekly newsletter covering the companies, deals and trends in the business of gov tech. Got a news tip? Other feedback? We're listening. Send it to GovTechBiz Writer Ben Miller at